bucket lists & living well

I have always been a fan of bucket lists. I've kept a running list of things I want to do someday in my head and on pinterest for a long time now. But recently I decided to put my bucket list to paper. I found this journal online, made by Axel + Ash, and it is absolutely beautiful. It even has a space on each page for a photo when you accomplish a goal! 

bucket list-1.jpg

I also set out to complete a 30 Before 30 list (it ended up being a 31 Before 30), which happens to be one of my bucket list items. So two birds, one stone, right? 

I'm sometimes guilty of creating all of my bucket lists and goals centered around travel, so crafting this list was actually more difficult than I thought it would be. But living well isn't just about experiencing new cities and different cultures, although I believe travel is essential. Living well is also about reading great books, and going to brunch with friends, and conquering your sugar dependency.

Below is my 31 Before 30 list. I hope you find some inspiration in this list to create your own. It's much more fun doing things in this life when you can look back and remember them; to be able to read a list of experiences you've been lucky enough to have. 

31 Before 30:

1. solo trip to Niagara Falls, Canada side.
2. read 20 classics.
3. solo camping trip.
4. quit something. (ie: my sugar habit)
5. bungee or cliff jump.
6. attend the Hay-on-Wye book festival.
7. make my living working for myself.
8. master the art of self-care.
9. learn my family history.
10. visit where my family is from. 
11. learn French.
12. re-learn piano.
13. start a book giveaway project.
14. have my ideal wardrobe.
15. be strong, healthy, and in shape.
16. establish a great daily routine / wake up early.
17. submit articles to magazines & blog regularly.
18. get my wildflowers tattoo.
19. learn Stand Up Paddleboarding.
20. take a writing class.
21. start & build a thriving book club.
22. take a class on something that interests me.
23. visit Washington D.C.
24. keep a daily journal & art journal
25. send 1 postcard per month to a friend
26. take a sabbatical
27. start saving for retirement / save lots of money / follow a budget :)
28. learn to love myself and be confident
29. visit London again, stay longer this time.
30. find an organization and volunteer regularly.
31. read Harry Potter 1-7 again.