a list of nice things

I couldn't sleep last night. I started getting so overwhelmed with all of the anger and fighting and hurting from the past several months. You can think I'm being too sensitive if you want, I don't mind. It's just impossible for me to ignore.

I could feel myself going down a dark spiral pretty quickly, so instead of letting myself do that, I decided to write a list of nice things to remind me of good things in this world. I am not the first person to come up with a list like this, but this one is mine:


pop songs played acoustically. the way my puppy sleeps. the crisp air in the early morning. the feeling you get when you look at great art. smiles. eavesdropping on conversations. foreign languages. a new york sunset. travel. the way she acts when she doesn't realize anyone is noticing her. the crashing of the waves. their eyes. a perfectly made chai latte. a perfect quote hidden in the book you're reading. an empty movie theater. kindness. a new pair of shoes. laughter on his face. a song that moves past words and into feelings. campfires. an unsolicited compliment that you needed so badly it nearly breaks your heart. concerts; that secret space where you finally feel home. snail mail. the happiness you feel when you're peacefully alone. hugs. all things cinnamon. crying, sometimes. fireworks. boat rides. a fond memory. friends who become family. harmony. doing something good for someone else. telling no one about it. fresh notebooks. light shining through the trees. confidence. people watching. thunderstorms. 

and you.

JournalSarah Jensen