write something REAL

Most of my days are spent making up stories in my head. i see a person walking down the street and i write their whole life's story. Or i'll think of a pretty sentence and then imagine a story around a character who says that sentence. This in itself is not a bad quality, obviously. How else would we have novels to read or movies to watch if people didn't go around making stuff up all the time?

No, that's not my problem. my problem is that if i'm not careful, i use my imagination as a substitute for my life, particularly in times of stress and uncertainty. Isn't it interesting how our brain does that? When we're in stress, it employs daydreaming to help us cope, usually without us even realizing it. One minute we're driving home and the next minute we're there and have no idea how we actually got there.

A few months ago, life had gotten confusing and exhausting, as life tends to do sometimes. Instead of making up other people's stories, i found myself daydreaming about my life. It's not that i don't like my life, because that's not it at all. It's difficult for me to put into words, i think because i'm embarrassed by it. Life gets hard and my brain escapes into this fantasy where everything is perfect before i even realize what's happening.

Anyway, one day i was writing my to-do list and i looked down at what i had just written and it said, "write something REAL." i think my subconscious was telling me to quit letting my brain live in my dreams. So i've been focusing on being more aware of this tendency and trying to combat it. It is a battle that i'm not very good at yet, but i'm getting better. That's all life is really; progress.

Whether you tend to escape in daydreams or not, i just wanted to remind you that you are here, and you are real. And your life is beautiful and amazing and unlike anyone else's, and you should show up for it. i know it can be hard, trust me. But i also know the only way to create the life you want is to actively create it. That means being present, it means feeling every feeling, even when the feeling gets uncomfortable. 

Write your story. Write something real.