things i'm thinking

i haven’t written anything in months. not on here anyway. and to be honest, i don’t have much to contribute right now either. i’ve written some drafts, but none of them feel right yet. but seeing as how it’s the end of the year, i’ve been thinking a lot about 2018 and what i want to do differently in 2019. so i’d like to share some of my thoughts. in no particular order, here are some things i’m thinking:

  • i want to write more on here. more conversational pieces. i have a lot of thoughts and questions, and i don’t want to be scared of discussing them here. i also want to document my life more regularly.

  • i want to learn how to speak kindly to myself.

  • i want to make tiny healthy decisions. the decisions that seem like maybe they’re not that big of a deal, but ultimately are life-changing.

  • i want to have fun. i want to work hard on the things that i love. and i want to be present in my life. i’m tired of living my life in retrospect, i want to live it now.

  • i want to practice my hobbies. i want to focus on learning to play the piano again, learning to speak french, improving on film photography.

  • i want to be more curious to learn. i want to read biographies and learn from the people who’ve gone before me.

  • i want to love myself. to be confident in who i am.

  • i don’t want to allow outside factors to influence who i am or what i do. i want to follow my intuitions, to trust myself. to create the things in my heart. to believe that i have something of value to offer the world.

  • i want to learn gratitude. to really ground myself and recognize all of the advantages and privileges and beautiful things i have in my life.

i have created a new goals magazine for 2019. if you haven’t seen my goals magazine i created last year, you can view that post here. i go more in-depth about what i decided to include in my magazines. i always include my goals, things i want to improve on, and quotes and photos that inspire me. i made a few changes to this year’s magazine, namely the size of it (it’s smaller and more compact so it’s easier to carry) and added pages for each month of the year to help track my progress. as we’re winding down the year, i’d encourage you to take some time to reflect. what do you wish you had done better in 2018, what are you looking forward to in 2019? don’t be too hard on yourself. you won’t be perfect immediately, but practice makes progress. and progress can’t happen until we are honest with ourselves.