the portland chapter

we have made it to our new home in portland, oregon!

it has been both an easy and difficult transition. easy in that i feel comfortable in our decision to move somewhere we’d never even visited and we had a month of travel in-between that acted as a sort of buffer. difficult because i cannot articulate any of my thoughts or feelings, nor do i really know what our life here is going to look like. so maybe i’m a little restless as well.

when we decided to move across the country, we immediately knew we wanted to do a road trip. sure, we could sell all our things and fly, but when would this opportunity come around again? maybe never. so we drove 3,000 miles from new york city to portland. we made several stops along the way:

  1. washington, dc

  2. nashville, tn

  3. oklahoma

  4. the grand canyon/flagstaff/bearizona

  5. los angeles/ventura/ojai, ca.

  6. solvang, ca.

  7. big sur, ca.

  8. san francisco, ca.

  9. the redwood forest

we spent 9+ days in california and it was absolutely wonderful. i can’t wait to fill you in on every place we visited, but that will come later. today marks two weeks we’ve been in portland. our time has been filled with recovery, unpacking, and setting up a new apartment. it’s beginning to feel like a home.

regardless of my inability to put words to my feelings, i’m looking forward to our time in portland. it’s a good reminder that things take time. it’s a good opportunity to teach myself a little patience, something i’ve never been very good at. it’s a city i believe may hold great opportunities for us to build a life we’ve always wanted.

part of the writing is the living. i’m excited to live out this part of the story.

cheers to the portland chapter.