i miss you, but i love you


I’ve been thinking back on our time in NYC. And while I am happy to be where we are, I always want to remember the best of what done. Our Leaving NYC video told you why we decided to leave, but I wanted to take a minute to tell you what it is that I miss about New York, now that I’ve been away from the city for two months.


  • The public transportation, obviously. I miss the ability to hop on a train and go anywhere in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Queens. And take a quick, free ferry to Staten Island with amazing views. I miss that I could take a train to upstate New York, Washington, DC, Boston, etc. whenever I wanted. I miss that I could take a ferry to Rockaway Beach, or a subway to Coney Island. I miss that I could take an air tram to Roosevelt Island. I miss being able to read and get where I was trying to go at the same time.

  • The buildings. I never got tired of looking at all of the buildings on my morning walk. Every street, everywhere you looked, was always telling an interesting story.

  • My bagel spot. And my pizza spot. And my favorite vegan restaurants. And that place in East Village that made me like dumplings.

  • The access to millions of cheap flights, particularly ones to Europe.

  • Washington Square Park.

  • The wonderful and plentiful street art and public art and well curated art in museums.

  • And sometimes, I even miss how there were 8.3 million other people who all love the city they live in just as much as I did.

And so far, here’s what I’ve learned I love about Portland.


  • The chill vibe. The sense that we’re all just here to see some pretty nature.

  • How I haven’t eaten at a bad restaurant yet and we’ve been here 6 weeks.


  • Having a washer & dryer in unit. I know that sounds like a given to most people, but it’s hard to find in New York. Especially for a reasonable rent price.

  • The Willamette River. I love how the river runs in the middle of the city and that I see it almost every day. I love that it’s a river you can actually swim in, unlike the Hudson. On any given day there will be boats pulling someone tubing, and jet skis, and kayakers, and people swimming. It makes the city feel a little more casual.

  • The weather. I don’t know what the winter is like yet, but I can tell you this is exactly the summer I’ve always wished for. The sun is still out, but there have been several days I’ve been able to wear a sweatshirt and that is OKAY with me.

  • The downtown. I was pleasantly surprised by Portland’s downtown. From photos of the skyline it seemed like maybe they didn’t have much to offer, but when you get there and are walking the streets, there are just enough tall buildings to make you feel like you’re really in a downtown. There’s plenty of shopping, and obviously Powell’s books. :)

So that’s what I miss about New York, and that’s what I love about Portland. Sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in the negative, or to generalize an experience as good or bad, but it’s not that simple. People are multifaceted, and so are places. These are the good things I could come up with. What are your good things about where you live?